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Ohhh my god I can’t wait until the new Civ game comes out, the Beyond Earth one

Ohhh man I love Civ so much (I mean that’s what I’m actually playing right now) and ugh yeah

ugh why is my life so boring

I have no life it’s the worst

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Is it socially acceptable yet for me to quote Amanda Bynes and tell dudes I want them to murder my vagina and if not then why

100% acceptable

In that case:  monkeysaysficus, bornite, khvdahafiz, yeevil, matthulksmash, thecluesofme

I want all of you to murder my vagina.  


hmmm fetlife is…interesting.

don’t know if I like it or not. but there are lots of events and good social, non…sex, non-creepy events so that’s nice. like tomorrow I’m going to a queer social intro munch thing so that’s kinda cool.

sooo many straight people though oh my god I wish I could just filter them out they’re everywhere I wish I could only see queer people




so I got the plague game

You’re doing it right

Too real.

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Anonymous asked: If you could write a modern day fairytale, what would it be, what would it be like?


it’s funny you should say that I’m actually working on one at the moment. I haven’t settled on a name, and probably won’t any time soon but to explain where it came from, years ago I did a few sketches of me and my boyfriend in fairy tale poses but just because I had a look didn’t mean I knew a story and it finally hit me. It’s very Once Upon a Time so there’s back story and it’s not as simple as “prince meets prince, kiss kiss ending”

Basically the story I have in my head is that Stephen’s character is a wizard’s apprentice. You find out he got that role because his father sold him to a wizard in exchange for some magic (Stephen’s dad kind of is a piece of shit and it seemed like a similar story to the Peter Pan story in OUAT where basically someone who has not yet grown up shouldn’t have a child)

Feeling betrayed and heartbroken The Wizard’s apprentice asks his first magic lesson be to remove his heart, knowing he’d not feel true happiness or experience full joy he does it anyway just so he doesn’t have to feel the sting of heartbreak. But when he does he’s kind of cursed that his emotions will still be present in his hair, which changes colour on his mood. When he’s angry it’ll be a violent purple, happy it’s bright colours, but when he’s sad it’s a muted rainbow of blue to grey. Most days it’s blue to grey.

 Over the years one trick he learns that does give him some joy is going into other people’s dreams so he can live vicariously through the hopes and wishes of other people, always secretly wanting to have something like that in his own life. (PSST, that’s where my character comes in) my character is the young prince in the kingdom and I haven’t found anyone to love either. Nonetheless the prince’s dreams are still full of happiness and the wizard’s apprentice is drawn to this. In his dreams they spend time getting to know each other, laughing together and learning from each other. The apprentice tells him about where he lives and what his life is like, but to never come looking for him in case the Wizard curses him.

 The prince is so in love that he arranges a ball so that he can finally meet his dream boy in person. But the aging and dark wizard has other ideas.

 The reason why he asked all those years ago for a young boy is because that’s how he exists for so long (kind of like Flemmeth and her daughters in Dragon Age) he passes himself on to another body when his grows old. But he has to make the young apprentice just like him.

The wizard wants his apprentice to taste revenge and hunt down his father to turn him into a hideous troll (I got that idea because Stephen’s dad’s name is Tolan or something and he’s nicknamed Trollan by a lot of people). But the apprentice doesn’t want to, despite his feelings towards his father he has let go and wants a chance to be happy and wants to feel love again. So the wizard places a powerful sleeping curse on the kingdom so that the prince won’t come after him and finds his dad to make the apprentice vengeful and dark as himself.

In the princes dreams he notices how alone he feels without the wizard’s apprentice and is able to snap out of his sleep. Once awake he goes into the wizard’s tower and finds the heart of the apprentice (because he’s his true love so it kind of beats and glows and that’s how he gets it) 

When the prince touches the heart he sees where the apprentice is and goes to save him because his heart is too pure and too good to be corrupted. The wizard has his father, now an old man looking ugly and unrecognizable, and muses that since he already looks so troll-like a more fitting punishment is necessary something more permanent than lingering. He wants his apprentice to kill him. In tears and resistent the wizard and the apprentice conjure the curse up together and in doing so the wizard tries to become one with him. In his head reminding him of his betrayal, taunting him that his prince will never come and find him that he (the wizard) is his past, present and future.

Just in time the prince comes and jumps in front of the curse before it hits his father, bouncing off his armour it reflects and kills the wizard who dissolves away, which also lifts the curse on the kingdom.

 The prince is pushed back really far and the apprentice rushes to save him, telling his prince how stupid he was and that he could have been killed. And the prince tells him that it would be worth it to save his true love. He returns his heart and they experience true love’s kiss. Returning happily to the kingdom, no longer as an apprentice but as a King.





you don’t go homo or bi or trans to hell

the expression is “going straight to hell”

wake up america

but Dean


i mean i wasn’t gonna say anything because it’s just on this shitty pun post but now somebody has repeated it in all caps and i feel the irresistible urge to state that no post i ever make, serious or joke-y, is ever about fucking queer-baity dumbass non-canon ships on fucking supernatural


some of you are grown as fuck talking about “skinny shaming”

like you don’t remember the shit you said to fat kids growing up

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Tbh the way thin people tend to snap when a fat (or even just less thin) person says something other than singsongy positive about skinniness is mind-boggling, like you’d almost think empathy and the ability to imagine life from another person’s perspective, the ability to analyze culture, to analyze attitudes and representation in the media, et cetera, were things stored in body fat.

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also one of my favourite things about Bollywood movies is how at least in the 90s and early 00s, they’d just randomly switch to setting their songs in Switzerland for exoticism

(also kudos to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge for actually justifying the Alpine landscape shots)

Every now and then they’d show it was a dream or a daydream but for the most part it was like, “..eh we all know people irl don’t break out into song complete w backup dancers so why not go big or go home and give the public what they want-the swiss alps and/or a quaint european village with lots of white people watching and wondering wtf is going on”


my fav is probably the gay dudes who are all “well i don’t like to kiss after you’ve sucked me off for half an hour straight because now your mouth tastes like (pre)cum”

and by fav i mean r u fucken kidding me


when a hot teacher asks for a volunteer 


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